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3550 Route des Dolines, Antibes - Sophia-Antipolis, 06410 BIOT +33 4 92 96 68 78

Sensoriel Space

Infrared Sauna and sensorial shower
Among its many health applications, this advanced technological system can be used to reinforce the immune system, ease backache andcramps, increase blood flow and improve the metabolism. After thirty minutes’ exposure, without using cardiopulmonary equipment or becoming stressed and tired, you can counteract the excesses of daily life, from urban pollution to modern diet.

How does it work? By ridding your body of toxins and polluting substances that have built up over the years thanks to the combined effect of low temperature infrared rays and the moderate heat (around 40°) given off by natural lava sand.

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3550 Route des Dolines, Antibes – Sophia-Antipolis
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