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3550 Route des Dolines, Antibes - Sophia-Antipolis, 06410 BIOT +33 4 92 96 68 78

Balance by Rebalance®

Balance by Rebalance®
For rebalancing energy, revitalizing the body and correcting the effects of stress. The treatment works by combining two treatments: sonotherapy (diffusing sounds musically, adapted for the two auditory canals) and colour therapy (projecting colours).

The Rebalance® treatment, exclusive to Spa, is personalized for each client after a preliminary check-up. In this way, people following the treatment obtain maximum benefit: regaining and increasing their vitality, reducing stress levels, improving sleep quality, strengthening the immune system, improving concentration and memory, increasing recovery speed and directing energy more efficiently.

All in all, a unique experience and a moment of complete relaxation.

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3550 Route des Dolines, Antibes – Sophia-Antipolis
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