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3550 Route des Dolines, Antibes - Sophia-Antipolis, 06410 BIOT +33 4 92 96 68 78


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The SPA is being refurbished, during the renovation you will have access to the temporary spa for massage only (without hammam and sauna)

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This luxurious 700 m² spa delivers a quest for balance between body and mind so you can tackle your daily routines with serenity. Customized treatments in 8 versatile cabins, a fitness room, terrace and tea bar to extend the relaxation are just the ticket to your well-being. The various techniques, from deep relaxation to restoration of fitness, can be adapted and smoothly combined to introduce you to your new self.


Sensory Experience, Retreat Spa
The Spa has chosen to partner with Cinq Mondes™, renowned for its expertise and treatment rituals,

Technicity, EndermoSpa®
The EndermoSpa® technology developed by LPG™, adapted to each morphology, aids slimming and anti-ageing through Lipomodelage® for the body and Endermolift™ for the face.

Balance, Rebalance®
Through a combination of sound and colour therapy, this relaxation technique on a Waff® cushion promotes deep body regeneration and eliminates stress.

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Beachcomber French Riviera, Hotel Resort and Spa
3550 Route des Dolines, Antibes – Sophia-Antipolis
06410 BIOT – France

Tel : +33 (0) 4 92 96 68 78
Fax : +33 (0) 4 92 96 68 96
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